WIN lobbies at Wyoming Legislature on behalf of the interfaith network's membership. WIN lobbies for and against bills based on the resolutions of the three teams, Spiritual Life, On Sacred Ground, and Peace and Justice. Click here to see WIN's Resolutions.

W.I.N.'s 2018 Legislative Activites:

  • Budget Bill: Restoration of funding for suicide prevention. WIN supported an amendment in the House to restore $2 million after the deep cuts in 2017 for prevention.  In conference committee with the Senate, $1.5 million was budgeted.  The funds will go to the county commissioners for grants at the local level using criteria established by the Wyoming Department of Health.
  • HB 43: The Revenue Committee’s bill for tobacco tax increase that would have the health benefit of reducing tobacco use.  WIN supported.    It was not considered for introduction.
  • HB 105: Prohibition of Sanctuary Cities and Counties. – WIN opposed. It failed introduction 33 to 33 to 26.  It required a 2/3 vote for introduction during a budget session
  • HB 141: Concealed weapons in places of worship. – WIN took no position, but watched it. This repealed the law requiring someone with a concealed weapon permit to get written consent from the congregation administrator before entering a place of worship.  This was a bill requested by a pastor and supported by the Wyoming Pastors Network.  It passed.  (Note:  Religious places may still prohibit weapons.)
  • HB 189: Repeal of the death penalty failed enough votes in the House for introduction on a 25 to 34 vote.
  • HB 192: This directs recording and archiving interim committee meetings which are hard for the public to attend or to follow. – This passed.
  • SF 67: Wyoming Public Lands Day.  WIN supported.  It would have designated a day to celebrate God’s creation and appreciate the gift of the beauty and spiritual value of our public lands.  The Senate changed the name to Wyoming Multiple Use of Public Lands Day allowing a shift of emphasis to the promotion of fossil fuel development.   It never came up on the floor of the House for consideration.  After the change in the name, it lost its purpose.
  • SF 74: WIN opposes. This bill was a horrible nightmare of industry trying to prevent protesting against “critical infrastructure” like pipelines that sailed through the Senate with only one failed attempt in the Senate to remove the section that an organization could get a $1 million fine for “encouraging” or “aiding” protesters like our organization did at Standing Rock regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline.  The bill was killed in the House Minerals Committee, but was brought back the next morning for another vote.  After several amendments, the House passed it and the Senate concurred with the House.  The bill still does not address WIN’s concerns.  The Governor can veto it but needs to be done by Wednesday.
  • SF 93: Child sexual abuse education and prevention.  WIN supported and it passed.
  • SF 97: Work requirement for Medicaid. – WIN opposed as this was an attempt to shrink Medicaid coverage, whereas we had promoted Medicaid expansion in the past.  This passed the Senate without allowing any testimony in the Senate Committee.  It passed the Senate handily.  But when it was heard in Committee in the House, WIN’s work and testimony along with the Wyoming Hospital Association and others, the bill died on a tie vote of 4 to 4.  Statically those who would have been targeted in the bill were mothers with an income of $847 or less per month.   WIN’s voice for the poor is very important at the Wyoming State Legislature.